Top 5 reasons to refurbish your sash windows

If your home has original sash windows, there’s a good chance they might not be performing the way they should. Below we explain the most common defects and how these can be eliminated.

Getting your windows to work properly

Over time sash windows can develop problems, they can stick, let in draughts, become rotten and just not perform well. Getting experts to refurbish them will ensure the sashes run smoothly. Draught seal bushes can be inserted to minimise draughts. Sash cords can be renewed and window furniture can be updated.


Eliminate draught problems

Traditional sash windows have always been draughty and noisy and allow cold air into your home and heat to rush out. Draughts are one of the first signs that your windows need to be overhauled.


Increase energy efficiency

Defective sash windows have poor energy efficiency levels and this can increase your heating bills and effect your carbon footprint. Slenderfit double glazing uses the insulating space between the two panes of glass to trap air and improve the thermal retention of a home reducing the amount of energy you use.


Reduce exterior noise

Single glazed sash windows will allow external noise into your home, this might be traffic, noisy neighbours or even early morning bird song. The latest double-glazed units will greatly reduce most of this disruptive noise.


Enhance security

Old single glazed windows can become a security risk if not kept in good condition. The best solution is to fit double glazed units and improved window furniture. Limit stops can be fitted to restrict how far the window can be opened.


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