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Glazing Options

We are always striving to offer you the best products and choosing the right glazing option is vital to the look and performance of your windows.

We offer two options, Slender Fit and Fineo

If you would like help in choosing which is right for you, then we'd be happy to help you make the right choice.

Slender Fit

Slender Fit double-glazed units allow you to have traditional wooden sash windows fitted with a thin double-glazed unit. These bespoke units can also be installed to existing wooden frames to reduce costs.

When compared against single glazed units, Slender Fit can reduce heat loss by over 75% and can achieve a U-value as low as 1.2 depending on the type of gas used.

By utilising the latest technology, it is possible to construct a double-glazed unit with a very small cavity between the panes of glass. The cavity is filled with a gas to obtain U-values to comply with building regulations.

Units are available in different configurations: A 4mm clear outer pane with selected cavities of 4mm, 6mm or 8mm. The wider the cavity the better the insulation.


Fineo combines best in glass performance with appealing aesthetics. Its slim profile means it can integrate seamlessly into existing frames or into new windows and curtain walls.

Unlike other vacuum glazing technologies, Fineo has no evacuation port to obstruct the view and has very thin edge seals, ensuring maximum vision area.

Fineo is 8 times more efficient than single glazing and 12.5% more efficient than a 36mm triple glazed unit. It achieves 34% noise reduction compared to single glazing and 18% better than double and triple glazing.

Fineo delivers the most advanced vacuum insulating glazing technology, optimising indoor comfort by outperforming conventional insulating glazing.

Compare Fineo with traditional glazing

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